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26 May 2024

Professor Tognetti, the coordinator of the TOLIFE Project, presented an engaging talk at the renowned Pisa Robotics Festival.

The presentation, titled “Intelligent Sensors and Artificial Intelligence for Managing Complex Chronic Diseases: The TOLIFE Project,” showcased the innovative work being done to transform healthcare management through advanced technology.

The TOLIFE Project aims to clinically validate an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to enable optimized and personalized treatment for patients with complex chronic diseases, with a particular focus on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). By analyzing daily patient data captured from non-invasive smart devices (such as smartwatches, smartphones, smart mattress covers, smart shoes, and environmental units), TOLIFE predicts exacerbations, assesses patient health outcomes, and characterizes patient health status.

During the talk, Professor Tognetti provided an in-depth overview of the non-invasive smart devices selected for the TOLIFE clinical studies. The discussion emphasized the data collection framework, the rationale behind selecting each specific sensor, the raw data associated, and the health parameters detected.

The event garnered significant attention, drawing experts and enthusiasts from the fields of robotics and healthcare technology. Positive feedback highlighted the audience’s interest in the potential applications of TOLIFE’s cutting-edge solutions.

Stay updated with more news on the TOLIFE project as we continue to innovate in healthcare technology.

For more information about the festival and other talks, visit the Robotics Festival website here.

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