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TOLIFE Project Joins Digital Health Uptake Platform

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15 February 2024

The TOLIFE Projects experiences another important step toward success in its journey. Indeed, it has officially been registered in the Digital Health Uptake platform (DHU).

Understanding Digital Health Uptake (DHU)

DHU is a European initiative funded through the Digital Europe Programme, aimed at advancing the adoption and evolution of digital health solutions and services across Europe. It operates through three core pillars: RADAR, KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY, and ACCELERATOR.


At the core of DHU lies RADAR, a platform mandated by the European Commission to serve as a central hub for digital health solutions in Europe and beyond. It offers a unique space for discovering, learning about, and publishing digital health innovations, as well as connecting with other stakeholders in the field. TOLIFE’s registration on the DHU RADAR presents a valuable opportunity to enhance the visibility of our AI solution within the European digital health landscape.

TOLIFE’s Registration on DHU

The decision to register TOLIFE on the DHU platform is rooted in the shared commitment to advancing digital health solutions. TOLIFE seeks to clinically validate an AI-driven solution capable of processing daily life patient data captured by unobtrusive sensors. By joining DHU, we gain access to a network of stakeholders, resources, and opportunities that will support our mission to optimize personalized treatment, predict exacerbations, assess health outcomes, and improve the quality of life for COPD patients.

In summary, the registration on the DHU platform signifies our dedication to leveraging digital health innovations and collaborations to address critical healthcare challenges, such as COPD management.

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