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3 April 2024

In a collaborative effort spearheaded by ISGlobal, a compelling comic has been developed as part of the TOLIFE project, aimed at advocating good lung health and raising awareness about the hazards of tobacco consumption. This initiative involved a diverse array of stakeholders including patients, caregivers, and student groups.

The comic, available in Spanish, Catalan, and English, portrays a man smoking on a park bench amidst lush greenery. As he reminisces about his youthful days playing football, he decides to join a group of kids on the field. Despite showcasing his football abilities, his smoking habit becomes a hindrance, forcing him to stop playing after severe coughing. Inspired by a quote from former football legend Johan Cruyff, the protagonist decides to throw away his cigarettes, symbolizing a transformative journey towards better lung health.

Crafted through a meticulous collaborative process, the comic underscores the importance of making scientific knowledge accessible to the public. It aims to shed light on respiratory diseases and the detrimental effects of tobacco consumption.

The comic’s creation was made possible through the invaluable contributions of various stakeholders, including patient associations and student groups.

To experience the visually engaging and impactful TOLIFE comic firsthand, download the files and delve into its powerful narrative.

Watch the interview with Raul Toran on the creation of the Comic!

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